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Camden Implant Centre

Dr Martin Gilbert
Dr Andreas Jahnigen
Dr. Danny Temkin
Dr. Jan Blekkingh
Dr. Jonathan Jeff
Camden Dental Centre
77 Camden High Street
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Camden Implant Centre Camden Implant Centre Camden Implant Centre Camden Implant Centre Camden Implant Centre Camden Implant Centre Camden Implant Centre

About us


Dr. Martin Gilbert Dr. Martin Gilbert 

Coming from a family of dentists Martin understands what both the patient and the referring dentists’ want and need.  It is with the old fashioned values of care and attention which the practice is infused, that has led Camden to become an international centre for implantology as well as general dentistry.

Doubly qualified from Kings College London and the Royal College of Surgeons        ( 1974 )  he has been involved in the implant world since the early nineties.

He attended the surgical and prosthetics course at the Eastman Dental Post Graduate Hospital in 1997  (Nobel Biocare), the surgical and prosthetics courses in Straumann, a number of other systems and was recently part of an international team in Romania carrying out advanced bone treatments, soft tissue reconstruction and of course placing implants.

He has worked with a number of the leading dentists and specialists observing their techniques and seeing the results over many years. He is continuously passing on the benefits of this to the dentists working at Camden.
At the centre he and his colleagues are continuously reviewing techniques, materials and implant systems to ensure that the patient and the referring dentist can get the best achievable results.

Dr.Gilbert is one of the senior partners at Camden where he has been operating since 1991. In the implant world continuity is important and  in London, with high mobility, continuity and reliability is an important plus. Patients come back to us time and time again after many years and they are pleased to see not only that we are still here but that we also remember them.

Dr. Andreas JahnigenDr.Andreas Jahnigen      

Currently our lead dentist placing implants Andreas was watching his father in Germany placing implants before he even qualified.

After having worked with his father in Hamburg and in a number of other practices where he placed implants, he became partner in one of the leading implant practices in Potsdamer Platz Berlin. During this period Andreas also obtained the officially recognised German Heilpractiker qualification in natural medecine.

After practicing in Potsdamer platz (the Kensington of Berlin) for a number of years, Andreas sold his practice in 1995  to join us at Camden with the expressed aim,to place Implants.

Trained in a number of systems he is able to choose the implant to suit the patients’ clinical needs.

Andreas is also the Implant Representative for the U.K. for the German Tiolox System of implants  for the Degusssa Corporation who refer patients

He has also  recently been appointed by the American Bicon Corporation as one of their very few Mobile Bicon Implant Specialists. Apart from that he places a number of other systems. Knowing our policy of continuity and reliability Andreas intends to be with us a long time.

I n his spare time Andreas plays the piano professionally, tennis amateurishly and speaks French German and English.

Dr. Danny TemkinDr. Danny Temkin - Registered Surgical Specialist with the General Dental Council.

Visiting Resident Surgical Specialist to Camden, mentor and the person we look up too.

At Camden we are modest enough to accept that there are some people who have seen it and done it all. Danny is one of these. Having been head of a Maxillo-Facial unit in a major hospital for many years and placed implants for over twenty years, all advanced surgical treatments are referred Danny  wherever possible.

Apart from helping people to get the results that they want we also can advise them when not to have certain treatments and look for other ways of getting an acceptable result. Implants are not always an optimal solution. Danny has carried out a number of major and minor sinus lifts for us as well as occasionally placing implants in difficult compromised sites with guided bone reconstruction.We have many happy patients.

Although we are members of the Association of Dental Implantologists and attend many meetings here  and abroad  Danny keeps us up to date on what really works to give effective consistent results.


Dr. Jan BlekkinghDr. Jan Blekkingh                   

Jan qualified in Amsterdam Holland before coming to England  1988. Since joining Camden in 1992 he has maintained his interests in restoration work with a particular bent towards cosmetic dentistry. In order to have a complete range of restorative skills he has spent many summer months over a number of years working in a practice on the west coast of Italy with one of the most experienced implantologist of that area.

Apart from that every year he goes sailing in the Caribbean with a number of experienced implantologists and dentists to discuss the latest techniques and ensure that Camden is well up on the latest international standards and the best methods of achieving satisfactory results.

As a senior partner he takes his role seriously pursuing advanced courses to give patients the opportunity of making  informed decisions about their dental futures. As a member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentists he works with his colleagues to achieve as good a result for the patient as possible.


Dr. Jonathan JeffDr. Jonathan Jeff                                               

Jonathan, Australian, qualified in New Zealand has been with Camden for over seven years. He has brought the antipodean standards of complete dentistry to the practice. Constantly updating his skills he has attended a number of advanced cosmetic dentistry courses and applies all the techniques.

He has restored various different implant systems with great success and has many satisfied patients. An expert skier and roller skater with a wide eclectic taste in music downloaded onto his computer he has brought his own unique brand and culture to enhance our lives. He is widely travelled from Canada to Japan.

Julie Boddington 

No implant centre can operate without the presence of an experienced hygienist. Of paramount importance is good oral hygiene and proper tissue maintenance.

Julie has the skills to educate and maintain the oral health of our patients to ensure they benefit from our therapies for a long time.

Camden Implant Centre
10 mins from Oxford Circus by bus or tube, 15 Mins from the City by tube (Northern Line).
Camden Implant Centre